Monthly Archives: March 2013

Top tip of the month – Blog beautifully

Everyone seems to be blogging these days and it’s a great way to build a rapport with your clients. But it can be hard to think of regular content and there is nothing worse than a boring or badly written blog. So this month here are my 3 basic starter rules for good blogging:

1. Plan ahead. Plan about 6 blogs ahead with a rough idea as to content and order. This helps make your blogging cohesive and avoids those panic last minute waffles.

2. Use interesting headings, sub headings and graphics. A big chunk of text can switch a reader off before they’ve begun.

3. Before you start writing, have some idea of the structure  and aim of your piece. Remember, this is not a mind dump – it’s a piece of engaging, informative or entertaining writing.

Of course, there is lots more to good blogging and if you find yourself stuck in a rut, email me at for some fresh ideas or practical help!