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A little light hearted summer wordplay

With so many of us slowing down in August or heading off on our holidays, I thought now would be a good time to lighten the mood and share with you some of my favourite collective nouns, for no other reason than, that I can. If you’re a word geek like me, you’ll get it and if you’re not, bear with me. Next month, I’ll be serious once more. So here goes and please help yourself to any of the following and try and include them in any creative writing you may be doing. I’ve managed to slip in an ostentation of peacocks already this week. Have fun:


A congregation of alligators,

a drunkenship of cobblers,

a gulp of cormorants,

a hastiness of cooks,

a memory of elephants,

a charm of finches,

a bloat of hippos,

a cackle of hyenas,

a murder of magpies,

a puddling of mallards,

a pandemonium of parrots,

an ostentation of peacocks,

a crash of rhinos

and finally a lamentation of swans!

If you’ve got any favourites, feel free to share!