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Sussex copywriting

Get your idioms right!

An important lesson I learnt early on was to make sure, if you’ve found an idiom that you love, not to let it lead the idea – it can be tempting but resist unless there is a very good reason to do so. That said, I’m generally a fan of the idiom and this little article from Daily Writing Tips has some good tips. I know I’ve fallen foul of at least one of those and will be making sure that in future, that I always consult my dictionary of idioms first!

travel writing and PR

Back from another travel writing press trip.

travel writer

Yes that’s right, I’m back from another press trip and have had my head down writing travel features. I’d like to tell you how much hard work they are and how awful it is staying in hotels and working long hours …but of course that’s not true. It was a fabulous trip to the Aveyron with lots and lots of inspiration. And here’s some of the proof with many thanks to The Good Life France.  Sorry – am I making you jealous?