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I’ve got my French travel writer hat on again.

French travel writer

Tomorrow I head back down to the Vendée and this time of year is one of my favourite to visit. There’s still lots of attractions open and you are almost certain to be the only people there. What’s more the weather is still reasonably good so they’ll be a few al fresco meals to be had and perhaps a fair measure of wine.

So with my travel writer hat on, here’s a quick glimpse of one of the regions fascinating historical attractions. the abbeys in the region all have an amazing story to tell and they are wonderfully atmospheric as well as fun to explore. If you ever get the chance, be sure to visit.

Horsham public speaking

Last week was all about public speaking.

Sussex copywriter and public speakerIt may sound trite and a bit of a cliché but I genuinely love working with dynamic entrepreneurs and small business owners. And when I get the opportunity to combine that with some public speaking, you could say I am a very happy lady. So last week was a great one for me, first with my inaugural visit to the HSC and followed later in the week by an opportunity to talk to both the Horsham meeting of Fabulous Meeting and on Saturday, to the enthusiastic and fast growing Sussex Pages group at Ardingly.Sussex copywriter

I passionately believe in giving both real value and lots and lots of tips and advice when I give a talk about copywriting but also I aim to make it fun and easily digestible. I’m not a conceited person but judging by the lovely comments I received, I think I pulled off my objectives and I certainly thoroughly enjoyed myself. The fact that one attendee is still laughing at the idea of my “hideous children” one of whom was wrapped in loo paper (well you had to be there) and the mental image of me as a ballerina – well I can live with that!


Horsham public speaking.

The Horsham Speakers Club.

At last I have finally got round to joining the HSC (part of the Associations of Speakers Clubs) and on Tuesday night I had the opportunity to do a level 1 icebreaker as well as a couple of impromptu bits and bobs.  If I had any preconceptions about what this Tuesday night gathering might be like, then they were very quickly dispersed because they’re a very warm and thoroughly diverse group who made me feel instantly welcome and at ease. If public speaking floats your boat then this is a must do because it’s genuinely lots of fun, very interesting and there is loads of opportunity to flex your voice box and get yourself out of your comfort zone.

Improve your public speaking.

The Club provides a brilliantly positive forum for improving your speaking abilities and was a good reminder to me of some of the many bad habits, I’ve picked up over the years. And as I’m very definitely a “preparer” (too many years spent in the Family Division to be happy about turning up and winging it), it was great to have a go at the impromptu “topic” slot as well. I can’t say there was rapturous applause but I did get a “virtual”  trophy, not least for my description, “like a spider vomiting on the page”. That really wasn’t in the script and I’m still not quite sure how it slipped out!

I’m so glad to have found a place where I’m not alone in my quirky love for public speaking and I cant wait for the next meeting and having a go at level 2. Happy days.


Sussex copywriting

This week’s Sussex Pages and Fabulous Women blogs…it’s all about blogging.

Blogs and SEO are two things which feature quite heavily in my working week and so this week’s Sussex pages blog was all about making sure you think about SEO and incorporate it in your blogs, so have a quick look if blogging is on your mind. SEO  doesn’t have to be difficult but it does have to be done so take a look if you’re not quite sure whether you’re doing it right or what needs to be done. And as a new member of Fabulous Women   I’ve even been blogging about blogging on there too (check it out) with 5 tips to more successful blogging so have a look – I believe you can access the articles even if you’re not a member.

And is often the case, having written those blogs about blogs, the week seems to have turned into a sort of blogfest! As a result, I’ll be posting any blog related articles I come across on my Facebook page and LinkedIn profile if I think they may be helpful, so take a look if you need some help and guidance.

I genuinely think that successful blogging is one of the hardest things to accomplish and takes research, time and dedication and I hope all this week’s posts will inspire, encourage and cajole you into a more dynamic and determined blog regime.

legal copywriting

Legal copywriter

legal copywriter I loved working with AR who are such a dynamic firm with a very clear vision of who they are, what they offer and where they are going.

It isn’t always easy but it’s really important that larger organisations or firms write all their copy and content in a consistent tone and voice and it also helps enormously if you are in a niche industry or profession, to have a copywriter who talks your language, understands your terminology and can re-write it in a way that is easy to understand (but not patronising)!

Whenever I write any legal copy, I always feel like I’ve come home!


Copywriter for the Loxwood Joust Banquets.


This has to be one of my favourite jobs of last year. By no means a big job but an absolute pleasure and delight to be involved with the Loxwood Joust experience and to be the copywriter for their banquets page. It makes me hungry every time I think about it. Have a look and tell me you’re not tempted!

This year the LJ is back bigger and better than ever before, and now they’ve expanded into Christmas markets. I could write this stuff all day so here’s a snap shot of this year’s project  It’s always such a pleasure to dip into something much more creative.



A Sussex writer’s lighthearted look at motherhood.

After a long summer break and an (unsuccessful) stretch in rehab and therapy, they’re back – the Mayhem Mothers. I love co-writing the mayhem mother diaries and it’s always a lot of fun. It’s also really good to practice other styles of writing to get you out of your comfort zone and I hope, as a little light Friday afternoon read, some of this Sussex writer’s madder moments, will make you smile – especially all you parents out there!


Come along for some free copywriting tips and advice 17th and 18th October.

This week I finally got round to attending my first meeting at the Horsham Speakers Club and I’m really excited about getting started on their different challenges and levels. What a lovely bunch of people they are along with some spellbindingly good speakers.

And it’s going to be a month all about speaking as I’m also giving two presentations later this month – on the 17th October at the Horsham meeting of Fabulous Women and the other on the 18th October at the monthly meeting of Sussex Pages at Ardingly. Both will presentations will cover the fundamental elements to writing really good copy and will provide you with lots of copywriting tips. And with my new computer up and running, there’s even a fighting chance that I might manage to put together a Powerpoint presentation. I’d love to see you at either event.

Sussex copywriting

Improve your engagement with better headlines- this week’s Sussex Pages blog

It’s all about headlines!

I can’t stress enough how important headlines are and this week’s blog gives you a few tip for getting them right. And for those of you who know my strong views on the use of capital letters – may I point out the use of them in the title here was not my doing!