Monthly Archives: January 2015

Is it nearly February already?

There’s only 340 days until Christmas already!

Was it just me or did Christmas and new year whizz by in a blur? And am I alone in thinking everyone seems to have hit the decks running this month, with no exception here at SC HQ? Yes January here has certainly been a bit of a whirlwind, so let me start the new year rather belatedly with a massive thank you to Sussex Pages, Athena, Women in Business, Basepoint and various branches of Fabulous Women all of whom have been kind enough to listen to my mad mutterings on the subject of copy this month. And be kind enough to say they both learnt something and laughed quite a bit too! I’ve had a blast and it’s been an absolute inspiration meeting so many dynamic and diverse entrepreneurs so early in the year. A sign of a great  2015 I hope.

AthenaA new editing and review service.

Meanwhile, getting back to the more serious business of writing copy, I’m delighted to have launched a new service which is particularly aimed at some of you smaller businesses who I know enjoy writing your own copy but just need a little helping hand or advice sometimes. My “marketing material review and editing service” so far is proving very popular and I hope again that 2015 will establish it as something really indispensable yet affordable for SMEs. If you want to know more just drop me a line but put simply ‘it does what is says on the tin’, I review any piece of your marketing material and give you constructive advice as to how or if it can be improved.

But enough about me for now. If you missed my various presentations you can get a quick recap of the blogging success one at the WIB website (going up later today I think) or just email me for a copy of my copywriting success worksheet. And if you want to hang out and network with a bunch of quirky, fascinating and dare I say, fabulous business men and women, then don’t forget that I’m running the FW Horsham group and the re-launch is this Friday. It’s at the Boar’s Head just outside Horsham and kicks off at 10.00am. You’d be most very welcome!