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My review, editing & proofreading services

My review, editing and proofreading service

“Lucy has done a fabulous job creating compelling copy for a short & sweet 1-page business development services website.  Not an easy job as it was a rather dry subject yet she completed it with huge skill and talent”

Dee Stevens – Web Designer

Writing your own copy and content?

typewriterAre you one of the many businesses out there, who for whatever reason, writes your own marketing material? And could you sometimes just do with a helping hand? 

Copy editing and proofreading service

I can tweak and amend what you’ve written, just critique and proofread it or completely re-write it. It really depends on you and your writing.  It can be in respect of anything you want – from that mailshot, blog or newsletter to that ad or article. 

Copy and content review and health check.

Before you get started, why not have a health check of your existing copy? For a fixed fee of £50 I’ll provide you with a 5 point review of one piece (or one page) of your copy and how it’s doing in terms of keywords, your headline, call to action, content and tone.

A quick guide to my other copywriting services

Just in case you don’t always want to write your own, please feel free to have a quick browse around at what else I do. Thanks!

Contact me today. Don’t lose sleep over your content

Website content, blogs and your online stuff

Need help with your website content, your blogs or all that other digital stuff?

“I have briefly read [your copy] and the tone and pace is excellent! Well written indeed…I am going to sit down with a coffee tonight and fully digest … But really good stuff, I get excited about good copy, it makes a designer’s job so much easier… and this is good copy, all I need now is good coffee.”

Jon Harris – Designer, The Large Print Giveth

Is your website content charismatic, dynamic and doing what it should?

website_contentWhen did you last re-read your website and update it? Where is your website in the search engine results and what do your customers think? Do they read it and want to know more or buy, or do they click away in the first few seconds?

My website content writing includes…

Well if you’re interested, here’s the technical stuff (and if you’re not interested just call me and let’s get started):

  • Keyword research. If you need help with your keyword research, then I have a specialist service I offer just for this and it’s very reasonable and pain free!
  • Natural optimisation ( SEO). Or to you and me, content that’s written in a way that is search engine friendly, so it gets found by the people you want to find it but doesn’t look like you’ve stuffed it full of keywords.
  • Meta Data. You know, those bits that show up in the search engine results which are really important but often forgotten. Trust me, they’re important.
  • Research. I can do as much or as little research as you want. Perhaps you’ve researched and written everything and just want some tweaking or perhaps you have a vague idea of a subject and need some one to dig deep and research some meaty content for you.
  • Benefits driven. In other words, I’ll focus on the stuff that your customers or clients are really interested in.
  • Brand consistent. You’ve probably spent time and maybe money on your “brand” or “image” and it’s really, yes really, important to make sure the voice and style you write in is consistent with that. It’s all about knowing who you are and your values and also who your customer is and what they care about.
  • Updates and reviews. You do need to keep an eye on your content and update and refresh it. I can help with that too.

 Blogging headache?

Blogs! Wow, what a time suck! Is this you:

  • You know you should be blogging but just never have enough time or don’t know where to start.
  • You blog erratically because you struggle to find the time to research or to come up with ideas.
  • You are not sure why you should be blogging or what the point is.
  • No one ever comments on your blogs.

OK blogs really can make a big difference (there are some impressive statistics to prove it) but if you are going to blog, you’ve got to do it well and consistently, so let me give you a hand. I can come in at any level. We can talk about your overall objectives, I can research and write the whole darn lot for you or I can just edit what you’ve done until it shines. No more headache.

What else?

Basically you name it, I probably write it. Here’s a quick summary but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, it doesn’t mean I don’t do it!

  • Website reviews and audits.
  • Blogs and newsletters.
  • E-books – from researching the content and writing from scratch to edits and proofreading.
  • Creative content and PR – articles, features, reviews.
  • Digital sales communications, including direct marketing and email, brochures and flyers.


Don’t struggle with it, contact me today and offload it.

Press releases and good old PR

Let’s get word about you and your business out there for all to see.

Need a press release or feature article to promote your business or event?

20403107_sLet’s shout about what you’re up to. OK, maybe not shout but let’s spread the word, oh and let’s do it without the agency price tag. I can come along to your event and write the coverage (and bring along a professional photographer too if you need one) or just write it from the notes and information you have. And I can do a one off for you or a whole campaign. I’ll even manage the distribution for you if you want.

My Sussex PR services include:

  • Press releases.
  • Articles / features.
  • Advertorial
  • Speech and presentation writing.

Good PR is an important part of most successful marketing strategies and can significantly raise your profile.

Contact me today to discuss how I can help.


Newsletters, mailshots, brochures and promotional material

Your marketing collateral, my pleasure.

“I worked with Lucy on creating catching and memorable sales letters and email shots. Email communication is  a very important part for my business and for a long time I was searching for my own voice that would not be too salesy and cliché yet would get the message across. Lucy’s special gift with words helped us to create a communication that inspired trust, highlighted our expertise and prompted quick responses. She managed to turn what used to be a trivial sales letter into interesting emails that our customers wanted to read and they simply worked. I also noticed that my own writing became more fluid and engaging too. Thank you, Strood Copy!”

Alla Bennett, Premier sport

Newsletters and mailshots.

17757006_sImportant, time consuming and hard to get right aren’t they? But they needn’t be because while you get on with the stuff you do best, I’d be delighted to agonise over each word for you, making sure they flow perfectly and encapsulate everything you are about, while still being effective and not too salesy! I can write a campaign for you to tie in nicely with your other marketing activities. Or if it’s your newsletter, let’s make a regular commitment and I’ll make sure they tick along like clockwork.

Brochures, flyers, slogans, ads and all that jazz.

Whether it’s a technical brochure, a promotional flyer or just a snappy strapline, I’m happy to work with your team or recommend other professionals to you and work with them. I love writing this stuff, especially when it comes to taking technical jargon and translating it into something delicious.

Email me or call me today to get started.




Copywriting workshops, public speaking & voice overs

Copywriting workshops, speech writing and help with delivery, voice overs or a dynamic and inspiring public speaker for your event.

“If you are looking for a speaker who is inspirational, informative and who speaks with passion and a sprinkling of humour, I couldn’t recommend Lucy more highly.   You will learn and laugh and she is truly fabulous”

Jane Hardy ~ owner of FW network

Copywriting workshops and webinars

I run 4 to 8 copywriting and presentation workshops a year. They cover all the key elements, are packed with information and come with a handout that will become dog-eared with use. Next year I will also be rolling out some bite sized webinars which will provide you with soundbites of information and inspiration. And they all very reasonably priced with SMEs in mind.

Contact me at for details.

In house copywriting training for your team

micI’m happy to run seminars and copywriting training for you and your team so that you nail your copy with one consistent voice. And I’ll tailor my in house training to suit you. Just drop me a line and we can talk through what you need.

“Extremely knowledgeable, brilliant information, delivered clearly” Judith Raynor

Need help with your public speaking?

Love it or hate, in business public speaking is an essential part of your marketing tool kit, whether it’s a 1 minute pitch or a major presentation and I’m here to help you understand and put together the essential ingredients to writing and delivering a knock out speech. I might not be able to stop your knees knocking  but I can help you write something that people want to listen to, enjoy and helps you shine.

Voice overs

Need a voice over artist for your video or advert? I learn lines quickly and can do so at short notice so you won’t taste time and money on 100s of out takes.  I have quite a deep voice which translates well to film and audio and I’ll deliver just the right amount of personality and passion.  

Looking for a speaker for your event who can engage, inform and entertain?

I’ve got a range of different presentations I give which range from the educational, the anecdotal to the darn right funny.  

My educational talks are packed with really useful advice and information and come with a handout. You’ll come away buzzing with ideas and inspiration. There is nothing worse than being bored to death by a speaker. Life is fun and my presentations are always injected with a big dose of humour – whatever the subject.

You can see me in action here: at the FWMM annual conference , here “How incompetence on a horse shaped my legal career”  and  here ‘The best dressed baboon in Botswana’ or just come along to the Speakers Club and see me in action.

Don’t lose sleep over your public speaking, email me today and let’s get you sorted.



Travel writing

Travel writing, the French tourist industry and journalism.

Has your business got a French twist?

20140414_153700_AndroidDo you own a gite or holiday home in France or perhaps you’re an expat running a business in France? Are you a PR company or working on behalf of one of the many French tourist offices? As a business based in or focused on France, you do of course need regular, fresh material about the many delights and attractions of your region, whether that takes the shape of regular blogs, feature articles or even just updating our website. And all of your material needs to have that very distinct local flavour and style, as well as being regularly update, well researched and beautifully written.

Not just a writer, but an experienced and passionate Francophile.

I love France and everything about it and I travel to France regularly throughout the year. I write extensively about the Vendée as well as other regions of France and I also own, run and promote a French holiday home which gives me a unique insight in to many aspects of the industry. I work in conjunction with various businesses in France, supplying copy, content and advice and I’ve written a large number of websites for English businesses in France including holiday home websites, blogs etc. as well as a number of promotional articles on behalf of different, regional tourist boards.

I’m also a regular contributor to the international online magazine The Good Life France. so why not have  a peep at their magazine . And I’m registered with The International Travel Writers Alliance.

I’m happy to do as much or as little research as you need and if I’m on a press trip for you, you can usually expect about 200- 500 unique photos (depending on the trip) to accompany your copy.

Email me today for examples of my work or if you need something with a French flavour.