Monthly Archives: November 2015

Are you working your PR?

Who knows about what you’re up to?

A little bit of publicity can go a long way as my mum found out when she picked up a copy of a magazine and saw me smiling back at her. And I hope you’re all keeping the press informed about what you’re up to and / or are thinking about your next campaign. If you’re not, well you should be.

By way of example

It’s great to see quite a few of my clients getting into print recently and here’s just a couple of snippets of what some of them are up to:

  • copy writer Jenny Johnson launches Protea People ,  which will be working with smaller business in order to achieve better results and a happier workforce.

And in Horsham:

  • And local award winning business consultant Janette Whitney takes over as head of PureBio ~ the UK’s leading supplier of 100% pure hypo-allergenic nutritional supplements. But she’s also staying at the helm of her business consultancy.

20151116_135856_AndroidSo go on.  If you’re up to something this Christmas, get writing and tell us about it. Or contact me and I’ll give you a helping hand!

Christmas offer from your elfin copywriter

Yup, this month’s copywriting update is out and as always, it’s packed with a whole bunch of useful tips to help your writing. But what do you know? Because it’s nearly Christmas (ok nearly’ish), I’ve thrown in a 20% discount for all first orders before year end. Move over Santa, I’m taking over the North Pole.

And just for fun, here’s another one of my desk art photos that I’ve been publishing on my FB page. I’d love it if you’d pop by and give it a Like!