Monthly Archives: January 2016

copywriting classes

And guess what?

Spreading the word

I know you probably don’t get as excited as I do about words but there is lots going on at Strood Copy this spring to ignite even the faintest of writer’s fires! I’m going to be taking part in one of the great (dare I say God like) Andy Maslen copywriting masterclasses and I’ll be sharing what I learn with you.

All new workshops to help you improve your skills

Because yes if you haven’t heard already, I’ll be running my own workshops throughout the year to help you improve your writing. All the details are here in my last email in case you missed it. But here’s a quick look …

copywriting workshops

Or just drop me a line if you’d like to know more. Some of you have already expressed an interest in a one day mega class and if I can get enough of you together, I’ll get it sorted for you. Meanwhile the workshops are already booking up fast so don’t miss out. Book by emailing me at

A bit of grammar

My usual writing tips are also now available in my copy update and this month I was looking at the use of And and other conjunctions at the beginning of a sentence. I’m a big fan, find out why.

And what else?

I’ve got a new column in WSCT Business Magazine so look out for that and having won the Horsham Speakers Club topics and speech competitions, I go on to the next round in late February.

Professional speakers

And of course my usual Mayhem Mothers and The Good Life France columns are both out too. Our FWMM will be meeting a week late on the 26th February and  next weekend I’m off to help judge the Rotary Club’s young speakers competition which is always an inspiration. Then it’s back to France!

So keep dry (and no I don’t mean stay off the booze because that way leads to madness), keep writing and I hope to see you at one of my events soon. It will be fun.