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Copywriter and public speaker

3 essential elements of public speaking and copywriting

So how’s your year been so far?

And what challenges have you faced in your business and better still, how have you overcome them? I’m not just asking, I’d really like to know. So feel free to post comments or drop me an email. Personally I have had a great year so far but I do believe (without wanting to sound like a right sop) that as local businesses, we’re in this together and if we can help each other out and learn from each other, we should. So I suppose with that in mind, I ought to add that if I can help you, just get in touch.

The common ground between public speaking and writing; and the winning formula 

 Many of you know that I do quite a lot of public speaking and (permission to brag) this year I’ve won a couple of competitions as well as judged the local Rotary Youth Speaks competition. Rotary Club JudgesI also spent a day with one of the UK’s top copywriters, Andy Maslen, at his workshop. I’m a big fan and I love the importance he attaches to emotion when writing. But I was really interested to see the parallels he drew both at the workshop and in his book, between really good speaking and copywriting. He draws on Aristotle’s Ethos, Pathos and Logos and even had us listening to Martin Luther King! And everything he said resonated with what we practice and preach at speaker’s club (ASC).

My crude interpretation of that is make sure you have passion and creditability as  you address your audience and then  make your arguments using emotion backed up by logic! It’s a great formula so give it a try.  blog workshop sussex

Want to know more?

My first workshop of the year was a great success. And I’m running it again in Winchester and also for Athena. If demand is high, I’ll put on an extra one. But meanwhile my next workshop in the series is on the 24th June in the Horsham Cricket Club (called the Horsham Sports Club). It’s all about blogging and how to perfect it, so just get in touch if you’d like to book. Here’s just a couple of the testimonials from the last one:

“You are very knowledgeable and the morning was packed with information” Pat U.

“Lucy really knows her stuff. the info is extremely useful, very relevant and completely understandable.” Sarah T.

And what else?

I’ve got a new copywriting column in the WSCT Business Magazine, it’s out next week, so look out for that. I was also honoured to be asked to judge the Rotary Club writing competition. The standard was amazing and then I squeezed in a quick press trip to France. And finally, this month’s copy update includes some tips for improving your one minute pitch.Lucy

Next month

I’ll be on the radio, I’ll be presenting and hopefully I’ll also be working away at my desk. Here’s to the next three months being as good as the first! And just email me if you need a hand with your copywriting or your public speaking!

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