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5 reasons to celebrate the sub heading

Yes I need to get out more

A while back, I promised a blog on sub headings and why I’m quite so in love with them (and more importantly why you should be too). So before I launch my autumn series of blogs (packed full of advice so watch this space), here are  5 reasons why you should embrace the sub head like a long lost son:

1. They break up your copy

Solid chunks of writing are very unpalatable to the eye and modern readers have a tendency to flick away if all they see is unbroken writing. But a few strategically placed sub headings breaks up your copy. That means lots of white space,  automatically making it more appealing to read.

2. Those all important sign posts

how to write copy Skim read as most of us do, some well placed sub headings sign post your reader to those parts of the copy they’re most interested in, making it more likely that they’ll stick around.

3. Telling a story

Your reader may be very busy, so use your sub headings to summarise the gist of your post. The reader may just have time to read your sub heads and with luck, they’ll remember enough to come back to it when they have more time.

4. Add a little structure2016-01-28 11.17.32

Adding sub headings does make you think more carefully about what you’re writing. That alone may be enough to add more structure and focus to your post.

5. Pop in some keywords

Sub headings are great for keywords, giving extra signage to your readers and a helping hand to the search engines.

So that’s it; why I’m such a great fan. So please feel free to jump right in and get using them too. My next blog will be up on the 10th September and I’ll be kicking off the season with my 10 step guide to get you to Christmas! In the meantime, if you need a helping hand, just drop me a line at