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Your perfect presentation

  How to write the perfect 10 minute presentation. Copywriting and public speaking have a lot in common and a lot to offer each other. Listening to a good speech can teach you so much about writing and vice versa and as some one who gave my first presentation nearly...

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How to improve your one minute pitch

Your 1-minute pitch Let's face it, you sit at a networking event and as everyone does their 1 minute, you either worry about what you're going to say or the fact that your competitor is in the room. Or you're enjoying a sense of relief, that you've done yours and can...

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How important is your content?

Very! I did a talk at the Gatwick Diamond monthly event today and part of the presentation focused on how important your content is to your business success. The research I did threw up some interesting stats which I'm going to share but first, here's a quick reminder...

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