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Please feel free to drop in and out of this page like you would a library or a good reference book and if there is anything specific you’d like me to cover, just drop me a line.

  • 8 blog essentials How to write a speech

    8 essentials for the (almost) perfect blog

    What if I could give you the secret to writing the perfect blog?  Would that ignite your commitment and resolve, and get you writing your blogs every week, come rain, shine or an overly busy diary?

    Well, there’s good and bad news. There is no ‘one size fits all’ secret ... Read more >

  • Your perfect presentation How to write a speech


    How to write the perfect 10 minute presentation.

    Copywriting and public speaking have a lot in common and a lot to offer each other. Listening to a good speech can teach you so much about writing and vice versa and as some one who gave my first presentation nearly 30 years ago, I’m still humbled by ... Read more >

  • How to improve your one minute pitch how to write your 1 minute pitch

    speech writing Your 1-minute pitch

    Let’s face it, you sit at a networking event and as everyone does their 1 minute, you either worry about what you’re going to say or the fact that your competitor is in the room. Or you’re enjoying a sense of relief, that ... Read more >

  • How important is your content? content writer


    I did a talk at the Gatwick Diamond monthly event today and part of the presentation focused on how important your content is to your business success. The research I did threw up some interesting stats which I’m going to share but first, here’s a quick reminder of how it is important (rather than how ... Read more >

  • 6 simple writing rules content planniing

    George Orwell’s 6 writing rules writing rules

    I can’t and don’t take any credit for this post. But following on from my recent copywriting update   (and you can sign up just to the right if you haven’t already), last week I promised you George Orwell’s 6 rules ... Read more >

  • Write to inspire – your 5 ½ step guide how to write your 1 minute pitch

    It is possible to learn how to write to inspire write to inspire

    Some of you’ve heard me talking about this recently at a couple of events, so I thought it would be helpful to share this quick guide. As always, none of this is rocket science but ... Read more >

  • 10 easy ways to improve your content and writing sussex copywriter

    10 simple writing tips 

    It’s all a bit mad from now on in isn’t it? From now until Christmas I mean. So I thought I’d keep

     copywriting tipsthis week’s blog super simple.  It’s just a quick list of things to do or think about which if you haven’t ... Read more >

  • Before you send that mail campaign, don’t forget… public speaking workshops

    Last thoughts on your mail campaign

    As you know I’ve been talking about writing mail shots and campaigns recently. But before you hit send, or slip your beautifully written letter into its envelope, here’s a few remaining points to think about:

    • letters-1659715_1920Have you got any information (or can you get ... Read more >
    • Time to get writing those letters and emails public speaking workshops

      A challenge for you

      content planniingDuring the week, I threw out a challenge on social media in honour of Love to Write day. It went like this: if there’s something you’ve been meaning to write for a while, do it now. Not the fully edited and proofed version, ... Read more >

    • How good are your newsletters?

      A little bit about writing mail

      Last week, I promised you a blog about newsletters and mail campaigns. It comes hot on the heels of my “Nail your Mail” workshop for which I did lots and lots of research. I can’t possibly summarise 3 hours of ... Read more >

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