About me

So who am I? Well I’m a professionally qualified copywriter and barrister for a start

logo_ladyYou want someone professionally qualified, and here’s what you get with me:


I have an LLB (hons) in law and a level 4 diploma (distinction) in copywriting.

I’m approved by the Blackford Centre for Copywriters (formerly the Institute of Copywriters).

I’m registered with The Professional Copywriters Network and have a CPD in copywriting from the Writer’s Bureau.

I’m also a Copyblogger Authority member which ensures both my own continuing professional development as well as helping me to stay on top of industry developments.

I’ve completed the Chapterhouse Proofreader Plus course.

I’m deputy editor of The Good Life France.

I believe in offering the highest standards and regularly update my training. In 2016 I attended Andy Maslen’s master copywriting workshop. You never stop learning.

Writing experience and awards

I’m also a member of the International Writers Alliance,  regular contributor to The Good Life France magazine and an experienced blogger. I’ve got numerous articles and features to my credit, including regular columns in Etc Magazine, Sussex Business Magazine and The Good Life France Magazine, and I’ve written a book. Unfortunately the dog ate it but that’s another story.

In 2016 I won two awards; one for my business and one as business personality of the year.

Veteran public speaker

I’ve been speaking in public since 1987 and of course spent 13 years as a barrister. I am also an active member of the Association of Speakers Clubs and Horsham Speakers Club. I have won the HSC topics (impromptu) and speaking competition, the ASC South Area competition and in 2016 took part in the national semi finals.

And the ASC is not just about speaking: it’s about evaluating others, chairing and achieving a recognised standard and ability. I continue to do speaking presentations at least twice a month.

Experienced barrister

I practised law at the London Bar for 13 years, appearing in court daily and writing and delivery a variety of material from legal submissions, to training seminars for professionals and Chambers’ marketing material.

As a result, meeting deadlines, careful, cross lateral research and attention to detail are second nature.  After all, when you’re appearing in the Court of Appeal, there is no question of being late or producing anything other than utterly compelling material which has been researched and double checked right down to the smallest detail.

“For anyone who thinks they have an optimistic and positive attitude, have a chat with Lucy. My vocabulary fails to describe appropriately the energy and faceted personality which you find yourself in the presence of. Lucy leaves you inspired…excited and thrilled to be alive. I wanted to go out there and do it all a 25 minute session…”

Dirk Bollwerk ~ the Eye Café and Business Radio

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