How I work

How I work and what’s so different about Strood Copy?

Who do I work with and what do I do?

Sussex copywriter I work with people who need a spare pair of hands. That’s often SMEs who have an overstretched marketing team (or no marketing team) or designers who want to offer their clients a complete package. Or it might be a micro business and one man band.

I can also offer a niche service to businesses in the travel industry supplying blogs and articles about France, a specialist service to lawyers and a copy/edit service to overseas businesses who don’t have English as their first language.

Going that extra mile

Here’s just some of the ways that Strood Copy goes that extra mile:

  • Content planning and reminder service
  • Free online resources and bi-monthly copywriting updates
  • Free presentations and free end of the phone advice service
  • Workshops and staff training
  • Free PR and blogging template
  • Loyalty reward scheme
  • Flexible pricing and payment options
  • Super short turn around times for urgent projects

Enough about me, what about you and your copywriting needs?

You need me to be able to step into your shoes and quickly assimilate and understand the very essence of your business and your target audience and that’s something I’ve had a lot of practice at over the years. And I’ll tailor my services (oh I hate that expression) to ensure they fit your needs, timetable and budget.

Don’t just take my word for it

“I approached Lucy to help me rewrite my website copy. Lucy arranged a meeting where we could talk through who I was, what my business is and all the elements I wanted it to reflect. Prior to that meeting she had looked at and printed off my original website copy, which she suggested we use as a basis to build on. Much of the copy in it was ok, it just needed re-energising and adding to. At the end of the meeting we agreed a timetable for the copy and I left feeling that Lucy had truly taken the time to understand me and my personality and how that reflected on the kind of business I run and the image which it needed to portray. As per the timetable Lucy then provided me with initial copy and after a few further emails and tweaks (each updated version of the copy was clearly marked), I had new copy for my website which I am entirely happy with.

For me the biggest test of someone being good at what they do is their ability to apply their skills in a way that reflects their client. We are all different and we all have our own work personalities, including Lucy as a copywriter. Her big strength is her ability to write to her clients’ personality. Her words and the way she put them together reflected me and what my business is about not Lucy (trust me we are very different). Lucy managed to understand me and my strengths and reflect those in all the text she wrote. She used my existing copy as a basis from which to start which meant that unnecessary time wasn’t taken recreating pages that were fine, just needed updating.

With Lucy I know that she will deliver when she says she will, that she will always ask to confirm anything that becomes unclear as she works on my words and that the words she delivers will always reflect my business and what I have asked for.

Above all this, Lucy is able to inject fun and energy into any project she has. Her enthusiasm for finding out about new subjects and fully understanding what you require is endless. I always enjoy working with Lucy and the words she delivers always meet expectations.”

SarahTyrell ~ Salt VA

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