Strood copy Values

Strood copy values

Write, Speak and Inspire

Copywriter and public speakerYou may not care about Strood Copy’s values but if you do, here’s a bit about what makes SC and I tick and how that may affect you:


My aim is to deliver excellence, from being to end. That means a stellar customer service, stellar writing services, lots of valuable extras and great after sales care.

Just ask if you’d like to know more about my before, during and after customer care procedure or those little extras like content planning, my reminder service and how else I may be able to make your life easier.


I want to inspire both you and your clients. As part of that I believe in sharing knowledge and encouraging and supporting you in whatever way I can so that your copywriting and speeches improve, whether I’ve written them or you have. I want you to leave my office with a spring in your step, a confident smile and feeling good.

Integrity and clarity

On a more grounded note, I fundamentally believe in accountability, integrity, transparency and clarity. What that means is that I try to make sure we all know where we stand and what to expect of each other and if you have a question, be it about a word, a quote or an outcome, I’ll be honest with you about it.


Supporting my community may sound like a cliché but I am concerned about the environment and about supporting others. That means everything from recycled paper to my free phone support and template services and all sorts of other free and accessible support.

We’ll get to the top by supporting each other, not by pushing each other down in the rush to get there. I’ll support you in whatever way I can, whether that’s helping with your copy, coming to your event or liking your social media page.


Passion is a bit of a dirty word in certain writing circles at the moment but I have passion in abundance and I am as passionate about your business as I am about mine. Call it a whole load of enthusiasm if you prefer but whatever it is, it comes with energy and I have lots of that too.

Well that’s just a quick overview but if you’d like to know more about my flexible pricing and payment options, my loyalty scheme, my new blogging template, my phone support or how to access my other free support tools just email me.

And just to show that I mean what I say, check out what one colleague had to say:

“A couple of years ahead of me, Lucy set up Strood Copy and has been the most amazing and informative ‘go to’ support. She has provided insight, wise guidance and much needed encouragement throughout many crucial parts of my journey to date.

In addition to friendly support and emotional guidance; actual practical business referrals and information has been given and this, I must say, has been invaluable. In the very early days, basic feedback and tips with regard to the initial communications going out were brilliant (avenues to target, internet optimisation and basic writing structure for example) and then as things developed Lucy ensured I was aware of business networking groups in the area – inviting me along and introducing me to other new business owners who might well be able to support me.    

Lucy has ensured my services have been introduced through her network and I have had valuable opportunities to pitch for different types of business with high profile clients.   The most recent link has been an opportunity to access some very valuable coverage through going onto a radio show to talk about ‘MyActiveLife’.

My business has hugely benefitted from this support and I have accessed opportunities and experiences that I would never have done this early in my business without Lucy’s help. I can unreservedly recommend Strood Copy for not only copy writing services; but for providing an instinctive insight and advice on areas I didn’t even know I needed.”

Karen Stanton   Owner – MyActiveLife