The Disruptive Copywriter AKA award winning copywriter and speaker – Lucy Pitts

‘Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.’

Rudyard Kipling

Your words, my purpose...

The professional services have got so much experience and knowledge to share. That’s a powerful tool at your fingertips. But writing a legal submission, policy document or contract is a very different skill to writing marketing material and engaging your prospects. And who’s got time to spend writing a blog or an eBook when there’s client work to get finished?

I bring my legal background, my copywriting skills and speaking experience to your content and presentations. If you want some regular writing and presenting advice, then subscribe to my monthly update for tips, techniques, trends and best practices. But if you need some help now…

This is My Story

I don’t know how I went from budding journalist to barrister but I did. 14 years of court rooms and three children later, I jumped ship, retrained as a copywriter and journalist and set up my own business. I’ll always be half lawyer but I’m also half creative. That makes me reliable but “disruptive” in a logical and constructive way! I believe in using clear, simple language. I aim to inform and inspire.

In short, I’m a word geek through and through but I’m also quite fun to work with.

  • Content & Copy 90% 90%
  • Strategy & Planning 60% 60%
  • Public Speaking Skills 80% 80%
  • Client Happiness 100% 100%



My passion is words. I’m never happier than when researching, crafting, fine tuning or delivering some copy or a speech. Improving my own skills & knowledge is bordering on an obsession.



I take inspiration from everywhere. From the great writers, speakers & authors of our time (and before) to every day folk. Reading, walking & listening are my inspirational bedfellows.


My purpose is to assist, encourage and support my clients. But it’s also to inform, inspire and to entertain, both my clients and their clients! It’s what gets me up in the morning!


I believe that supporting others is an important part of success, particularly if we share the same moral compass. Of course, that support can take many forms but if I can support you, I will.

This is me

Lucy Pitts

Founder, Writer, Speaker

I’m a multi award winning copywriter and public speaker. I’m also a former barrister (with 14 yrs PQE). I have diplomas in copywriting and journalism and have been writing, speaking and persuading in one form or another for over 30 years (I look much younger than that – not!). I’m an accredited ‘Accomplished Speaker’ of the Association of Speakers Clubs and Horsham Speakers Club and deputy editor of The Good Life France. I founded Strood Copy in 2011.

We all need more time, I’m here to save you some.

“For anyone who thinks they have an optimistic and positive attitude, have a chat with Lucy. My vocabulary fails to describe appropriately the energy and faceted personality which you find yourself in the presence of. Lucy leaves you inspired…excited and thrilled to be alive. I wanted to go out there and do it all a 25-minute session.”

Dirk Bollwerk

The Eye Café and Business Radio