Over the last few years I have run a number of workshops and training events and I tend to tailor them to the needs of the attendees. That means that if there is a particular area your business needs help with, I’ll write a workshop to suit.

Over the last 2 years these events have included workshops specifically looking at blogging, mail, profiles, press releases and website writing. I also deliver one to one public speaking and writing training and some training events open to the public.

My most popular workshops are my:


1 Day Public Speaking and Presenting Programme


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Part 1. We start with a discovery session, where attendees write and deliver a short (a couple of minutes) speech or pitch. This is evaluated by me and attendees are given a chance to say what they feel are their strengths and weaknesses. The feedback given is constructive and positive with an aim to encouraging confidence and building on existing strengths.

Part 2. The next stage goes through techniques & practical advice, including: conquering nerves, use of notes, use of voice and gestures. In the second half of part 2, we’ll cover any specific issues raised by attendees that haven’t been covered already.

Part 3. Takes a look at some special techniques to engage your audience. These will include: how to be persuasive, how to use humour and emotion and how to use storytelling in your speeches.

Part 4. Next we look at writing a speech. We’ll discuss speech structure and content. If attendees have a particular speech they need to plan, we can discuss specific ideas, ways to open and what could work well.

Part 4. Each attendee delivers their speech (or a new one) again and is re-evaluated. The evaluation process provides constructive & positive feedback & recommendations.

Includes take away notes and is suitable for groups of up to 10. It can be run over two half days for a small supplemental fee.

You can view the full agenda and book your workshop here. 


1 Day Writing Programme


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Includes pre-booking session to agree the key areas to be covered i.e. websites, mailshots, blogs, newsletters etc.

Part 1. Discovery: We take a look at existing material and discuss what works, what doesn’t, why and where help is needed.

Part 2. Tackling the fundamentals of good copywriting and content writing including your messaging, target client, brand personality, how to write headlines and CTAs and some important writing practices.

Part 3. Planning your content and tracking performance.

Your attendees will leave with:

  • a content planning template,
  • a list of up to 12 blog / content ideas – 3 months’ worth of weekly blogs,
  • a blog planning template and a website content planning template,
  • 2 constructively edited pieces of content per attendee – one written before the workshop, one written after,
  • an understanding of on page SEO and how to write Meta data for each post,
  • a persona emotion mapping template,
  • a brand personality guide,
  • a value proposition guide,
  • a 10 point checklist,
  • a 3-step formula for persuasion,
  • an understanding of how to use storytelling in business.

Suitable for up to 10 people.

You can view the full programme and book here. 

2 day Intensive Writing and Public Speaking Programme

Combining the two 1 day programmes above, this intensive programme ensures you get the full potential out of your communications. It will include ways to adapt your presentations to create blogs and vice versa.

Suitable for 10 people.

Contact me to book. 

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