Below is a list of some of my more popular speeches. You can also view some of my HSC speeches on YouTube. Alternatively come along to one of my events. Just contact me and I’ll give you the details of the next one. If you’d like to hear some of my Voice Over work please contact me.

Keynote speeches

· Why and how to make that emotional connection with you readers or audience

The use of emotion in both your writing and your public speaking is a powerful tool. How do you create such an atmosphere that your readers’ or audience’s hair stands on end? How can you use emotion to its full effect?

· How to persuade

Selling isn’t about bullying people into a purchase. And persuading isn’t necessarily about buying. But if you write or speak as part of your marketing, you need to master the art of persuasion.

· So you think you can write?

An interactive presentation on how to write for your business, with a guided tour through the essentials of website writing, blogging and other essentials.

· So you think you can speak?

A look at conquering nerves, knowing what to say and how to say it and then wrapping it all up to give it some wow! Lots of tips and techniques to get you up on your feet.

· From B to C via F (Barrister to Copywriter via France) – what a journey!

An anecdotal account of my journey from high heel clipping barrister to mother of 3, nomadic and bare footed writer and speaker. Lots of laughs, a few tears and a big dollop of inspiration.

I don’t really believe in standard, off the shelf speeches. Give me a call and let’s talk about your audience and I’ll write the speech that is right for them!