One of the most memorable speeches I wrote recently was about isolation and loneliness in the community. The speech started, not with statistics, but with the true story of Joyce Carol Vincent, who in 2003, sat down in her bedsit to wrap Christmas presents.

For reasons unknown, Carol died that night. Alone, on the floor, in front of the TV. But whilst that is sad, Joyce’s story got worse. Because as she lay on the floor of her bedsit, the TV carried on playing…

For 3 years … until she was finally found by a neighbour.

By the time the above opening paragraph had been delivered, you could have heard a pin drop and I know, some months on, people still remember much of the detail of what followed. That’s the sort of speech I can write for you.

You will find example of some of the speeches I have written on YouTube. Alternatively, I can send you a full transcript (they can be long which is why they’re not posted here), or links to videos and App transcripts that I’ve written or edited.