Driving your business forward. Inspiring and informing you & your clients.

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West Sussex Copywriter & Speaker

To drive your business forward, you need consistent, well-written copy that works hard. Your website, content, marketing and presentations should improve your profile, establish you as an authority in your field and win you clients. But that takes time. Time you probably haven’t got.

I’m Lucy Pitts of Strood Copy, an award-winning copywriter and speaker. I can research and write your copy from scratch or just edit and polish what you’ve already written. I’ll come up with content ideas and monitor how your content performs, making sure all your marketing materials work together to get the best possible results. And I even offer an “unlimited amendment” guarantee before sign off for your peace of mind.

Known as the “disruptive copywriter” and based in West Sussex, I’m also a former barrister. I understand the psychology of persuasion,  “on page SEO” (using keywords to help with search engine results) and people. My job is to speak your language and that of your clients.

My services

Content, Copy & Marketing Materials

Online or in print, websites, blogs, landing pages, flyers, brochures, ads & mail campaigns to engage your clients.

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Feature Articles & eBooks

What’s your story? Feature articles, eBooks & downloads should form an important part of your marketing.

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Writing & Speaking Workshops & Training

Improve your own writing & public speaking, with in-house training, one to one coaching or by attending a workshop.

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Speech & Script Writing

A well written & delivered presentation wins clients & has multiple uses. Video, with a well written script, is now essential.

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Keynote Speaker & Voice Over

Organising a business event and need a dynamic, informative but fun speaker? Or just need a voice over for your video content?

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Copy Editing & Proofreading

Time consuming but important, copy editing & proofreading give the final polish to what you’ve written.

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Copy and content that inspires and informs your clients and makes you the “go to” authority.

Your content, copy and presentations should make a difference.

Do yours?

Good copy and content changes minds, behaviour and perceptions. It persuades. It informs. It delights. It entertains. And it wins clients and establishes you as a thought leader. Good speeches change lives & businesses. It’s time that yours did. That’s my mission.

What my clients are saying about me

I have briefly read [your copy] and the tone and pace is excellent! Well written indeed… really good stuff, I get excited about good copy, it makes a designer’s job so much easier… and this is good copy….”

Jon Harris

Designer, The Large Print Giveth

Lucy, this was a really inspirational, knowledge packed workshop. I was pretty pleased with my website content but I have learnt so much today. It was fun and interesting.”

Karen Burge