Let’s face it, putting together a portfolio of other people’s typos makes for a pretty dull experience. So instead, below I’ve included 4 short extracts from work I’ve been sent over the years and asked to improve. And if you’d like to see more or send me an extract of what you’ve written, please feel free to do so. Oh, and I’ve removed brand names from the extracts below and replaced them with XXX.

Example 1


Original version

Guarantee, warranty & CPA

A XXX ceiling will come with a 5-year service guarantee and a 10-year manufacturers’ warranty on materials.

Whilst a tiled roof will have a 10-year service guarantee with a 40 year manufacturers’ warranty on materials, giving you long term peace of mind.

We take a 25% deposit when the booking is made and then the balance is due as a final payment upon completion of work.

Our warranty is underwritten by The Consumer Protection Association (CPA), who carry out an annual evaluation on both the professionalism and quality of our work.

Edited version

Why you no longer have to worry about refurbishing your conservatory

How much use are you getting out of your conservatory? It’s probably less than you’d like because in the winter it’s too cold, in the summer too hot and maybe because when it rains, it leaks. Arg!

So, what’s stopping you getting your conservatory ceiling refurbished with a stylish new roof or insulated and waterproof ceiling? Are you worried about the cost and / or the reliability of the suppliers and fitters?

Well here’s some great news…

Example 2


Original version

Childbirth can cause a lot of stress to the body. The pelvis is not quite big enough to allow the baby to fit through, so the joints and ligaments around the area have to loosen, allowing the bones to shift sightly, and the baby to fit through. There is the possibility that after birth, these joints can remain slightly ‘out of place’ – possibly causing pain on walking or other movements. Effective osteopathic techniques can be used to help re-balance the pelvis, and aid in allowing the joints to recover their normal functions.

Edited version

What no one tells you about being a new mum

And how you can ease the pain.

You’ve achieved the incredible. You’ve brought a stunning new life into the world and you’re starting a whole new chapter together. But no one ever told you how hard it could be at times right?

Sleepless nights. Ouch, they leave you rung out. The crying. The nappies. The complete change in your life. And the pain. Who knew that your body could hurt so much after childbirth and why, when you need to be at your toughest, do you ache and hurt all over? More importantly, is there anyone out there who can help make your day just that little bit easier?

Well yes there is.

Example 3


Original version

Well, it doesn’t seem that long since I was last writing a Christmas newsletter but here we are in December! Having just composed an enormous ‘to do’ list to cover the run up to Christmas, I know that this is a busy time of year for us all so I’ll keep this brief! In this newsletter, an idea for a Christmas stocking filler, an opportunity for a discount off of a treatment in the New Year and a round up on the year

Christmas Ball-bles

If the love in your life is constantly asking for a shoulder massage and generally struggling with pain and discomfort in their upper backs and shoulders, this set of massage balls might make an excellent stocking filler!

Edited version

Bringing you a stocking filler idea, a Christmas offer and season’s greetings!

Yikes! It’s December already and I wouldn’t mind betting your to do list is as long as mine, so I’ll keep this brief! But busy as you are, do stick around because I’ve got a great stocking filler idea for you, a discount opportunity for a New Year treatment and a little bit of news.


Looking for stocking fillers? Try this set of 3 massage balls which are perfect for treating aches, pains and discomfort in the upper back and shoulders…

Example 4


Original version

Ho Ho Ho!

You can’t spend over 30 years in the photography and print business without coming across things that you can use in your personal life (other than retouching wrinkles and removing old age, under eye bags!)

As our lovely clients we wanted to share a few thoughts with you just incase you are struggling to find quality printed products for your loved ones, of your loved ones!

Edited version

Not feeling the magic of Christmas yet?

Well then just imagine for a moment…

Imagine each of your loved ones unwrapping a really personal gift on Christmas morning. And imagine not having to leave your chair or spend a fortune on Christmas shopping this year.