Your complete PR and blogging template

Sussex copywriterStuck for ideas about what to blog about or struggling to make sure all your marketing efforts are consistent? Well here’s a super easy idea to implement which will give you ideas for a whole host of blog posts and get everything working in harmony.

Most of us in business do a 10 minute presentation at a networking event at some point and if you haven’t, you should start now. You really should (and if you need help preparing that, just drop me a line). And here’s how to get the absolute most out of the preparation for that talk and the material you cover.

  1. Write your 10-minute presentation. Think carefully about how many points you want to cover – 3 to 5 is probably enough.
  2. Turn the presentation into an article and send it to local magazines or papers.
  3. Extract your key points. How many will depend on what you’ve written (see point 1 above).
  4. Write a blog around each point. Drill down to the detail.
  5. Extract 3 mini sound bites from each blog to use on social media to promote it.blogging template

Hey presto. You’ve got a talk, some PR and written 3 to 5 blogs and 3 social media posts for each blog. All consistent with one another. Now what other talks could you do?